Transportation Services in Junction City KS

shutterstock_407065561Do you need reliable transportation to and from medical appointments? Does your loved one? G & B Enterprises Inc. is the answer. Don’t worry about missing essential doctor visits or other medical appointments. We are here to help you maintain your health with reliable medical transportation in Junction City, KS.

Populations Served

G & B Enterprises Inc. offers safe, convenient rides for those who find it challenging to get to their appointments. We provide rides for the elderly, individuals with disabilities and other transportation disadvantaged populations. Our goal is to make transportation simple, so your focus can remain on your health.

Transportation Partners

G & B Enterprises Inc. manages transportation for a variety of facilities and organizations. We offer an affordable option for many settings and situations. We partner with:

  • Medicare and Medicaid programs: United, Sunflower, Amerigroup
  • Hospitals and health systems
  • Senior care facilities
  • Workers compensation claims
  • Senior citizens


Our reliable medical and senior transportation services in Junction City, KS are available for a wide range of transportation needs. We take clients anywhere they need to travel. Contact us for rides to and from:

Handicapped Transportation

G & B Enterprise Inc. provides a safe option for handicapped transportation in Junction City, KS. We offer non-emergency ambulatory transportation that helps people who may be able to walk on their own, with someone’s assistance, or with an assistive device.

Enjoy Easy Transportation

Friends and family aren’t always available. Cabs are expensive. When you need medical transportation, contact G & B Enterprises Inc. at 785-341-9539 or call the ‘Need a Ride’ number on the back of your insurance card.

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